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  • Even the neighbors love him!

    DJ Noisy Neighbor is born and raised in The Netherlands. For as long as he can remember, he was always busy with music. His musical story begins in Zaandam, The Netherlands, when he started his own pirate radio station with some friends in a shed in the backyard of his parents' house at the age of 10. He collected all kinds of old sound equipment and rigged them up to broadcast on the AM frequency. They had their own weatherman and their broadcasts even had commercial breaks! The station only had a range of about 400 meters, about two blocks, but this was the early start of his DJ career.

    Noisy Neighbor´s love for music kept on growing and once a teenager, he was much to be found in the Music Zone, a local record store where a lot of DJs and young people gathered to listen to records and spin them. Here, at the age of 16, he met Dennis and Axel, two guys who had their own show on a Dutch radio station called Master Hardcore Tracks. They asked him to join the show and a new DJ was born! His first show was a 3-hour live hardcore set but he initially made quite a mess of it. Fortunately it turned out well and his sets got better and better. He received a lot of positive feedback from the listeners and this triggered him to keep going; Noisy Neighbor was caught by the DJ virus! Later they switched from pounding hardcore to groovy club sounds with Clubnight as the new name of the show. For three years he was a resident DJ of the show and requests out of the region to perform at parties and club nights kept coming in.

    In 2000 and beyond he became a resident DJ of several clubs, like the Richter, Dance Roads, The Living Room, Subway and the Kade, entertaining the party people with groovy club sounds. When not working at night, he could be found behind the turntables at the Line-Up after parties; from noon until the last party peep left! It was in 2001 in the Richter where he recorded one of his sets for the first time, testing his brand new minidisc player.

    A year later, in the summer of 2002, Noisy Neighbor did his first international performance in southern France at a party where he was the only one to spin the turntables. His records were in the back of the car, but it was steaming hot. Almost all his records were warped! He only had eight good records left and couldn't find any music store in the small towns nearby. He even walked around the camping site where he stayed, looking for people who might have brought records with them but without success. He finally did the job the whole night with the eight records that were left, which made him think creatively!

    Through the years, he listened to more and more different dance styles other than club and started to take interest in progressive house and techno. DJ Sasha is his biggest hero because of his pounding progressive sound, but he also likes to mix with tracks of Armin van Buuren, Underworld, DJ Robin Hood (UK), and several DJs of Global Underground. He even met his hero Sasha in a Dutch club, where he climbed up the stage to make a photograph with him. Sasha, a bit arrogant as he is, gave him the finger but at that moment Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg was also on stage and did the same for fun. The pic was kind of unique and went through the whole Dutch party scene.

    Though he has a lot of gigs, Noisy Neighbor still have some dreams in his DJ career. In the Netherlands he would love to spin the CDJ's at Dance Valley, but also on the famous Armada nights and at Awakenings for its techno sound, his favorite style. Internationally, his dream is to get the audience totally mad at the UK festivals Creamfields and Glastonbury, and a mind-blowing set in the world famous club Space at Ibiza is high on his wish list. Furthermore, he fancies being a guest DJ on BBC Radio, doing a one hour set filled with pumping beats!

    Lately, besides his gigs, Noisy Neighbor have spent a lot of time on listening to and select new music, making new mixes and demos, and developing his new website since he changed his name from DJ Jorren B. to Noisy Neighbor. Moreover, he is working hard on his very own, pounding hard techno tracks.

    In his leisure time Noisy Neighbor likes to work with computers and sound software, and he works out in the gym seven days a week to stay fit because this is really necessary when working at night!

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