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  • Even the neighbors love him!

    When did you decide you wanted to be a DJ and why?
    From the moment I had the chance to do the radio show Master Hardcore Tracks, and later Clubnight, with some friends at the broadcast station of the 'Zaanstreek', The Netherlands. I was always busy with music and after this program I really was caught by the DJ virus. I tasted morish; I wanted to entertain people with cool, mindblowing music!

    Which was the first single you have ever bought?
    My first single ever was one from Ruffneck, my first dance track ever bought was The Lounge from DJ Jean. Now it sounds a bit uncool to me, but back then I really found it tha bomb!

    Which was the first album you have ever bought?
    It was a Dance Top 100 4 disc box, not really shocking ;-) But I was still a teenager and for me it was quite a treasure.

    Who are your heroes in the music industry?
    Well, I have quite a lot of heroes. DJ Sasha is my biggest hero because of his pounding progressive sound, but I also like Armin van Buuren, Underworld, DJ Robert Hood (UK), several guys of Global Underground and I like Tiësto in his In Search of Sunrise series.

    With which DJ would you like to do a set together?
    That is Sasha of course, my hero. With him I would really love to do a back to back set! I have all his albums and it would be a challenge to be on stage with him!

    What's your dream in the music industry?
    It is always my dream at every gig that I can get all hands up in the air and all eyes closed in ecstasy with my sound, no matter where I am. If you can get your crowd in such a delirious state, I think you're doing it very well and that's what I strive for every time!

    When did you make your first mix?
    That was actually when I was testing my new minidisc player in March 2001. I did a set in the Richter in Zaandam, The Netherlands, and recorded this set on the minidisc player.

    What was your first very own single?
    I haven't produced my own tracks yet but I am currently working on some very cool and trippin' hard techno tracks!

    What was your first very own album?
    I haven't one yet. First finishing my own tracks!

    What record you think is the best ever?
    Hard question, there are so many! But there is one track which is definitely one of my favorites and that is Beautiful from Ferry Corsten. This track is heavily fast and powerful, the vocals are stunning, the beat is tight and the track never loses its power. This one is especially a winner when a set reaches its peak moment, it creates a real hands up in the air impact!

    What album you think is the best ever?
    Without doubt Invol2ver from Sasha! One of the most bizarre albums I've ever heard. Musically it is so incredibly good. And very innovative, the album made people think. Sasha is very experimental with house and when you're experimental, some very magical things happen which you will not hear on the dance floor that often. He creates an album with those magical things, which is actually telling a whole story. No separate tracks but a mix album with several of his own tracks.

    What's your favorite record label?
    That is Little Mountain Recordings, which is from Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg.

    When was your first DJ set and where was it?
    It was a 3-hour live hardcore set at 'Zaanradio', the local radio station of my hometown. The responses were initially lukewarm, but the listeners were totally right. I made quite a mess of it; it wasn't tight, records jumped, it was more like dancing on the turntable instead of on the dance floor. Fortunately it turned out fine, my mixes got better and better through time and I got good feedback from the listeners. This triggered me to keep going!

    When was your first international gig and where was it?
    That was in the summer in southern France at a party where I was the only one to spin the turntables. I was 20 and in that time we still had vinyl records. Those were in the back of the car however, and it was steaming hot. Almost all my records were warped, really a disaster! I had only eight good records left and nowhere to find a music store in the small towns nearby. I stayed at a camping site and have even walked around looking for people who might have brought records with them. But who brings records to campsite? No one of course except foolish me! Finally, I did the job the whole night with the eight records that were left, and then you really need to start thinking creatively!

    What was your most favorite gig ever?
    It was in the Kade in Zaandam, at the party Trip to Goa 3. I did the first set to warm up the party peeps and it was a big success! Tripping goa music, enthusiastic people and a great atmosphere!

    Of which party or event do you dream to perform at?
    In the Netherlands I would love to spin the CDJ's at Dance Valley, but also on the famous Armada nights and of course at Awakenings when we talk about techno, my favorite style. Internationally it would be really great to get the crowd totally mad at the UK festivals Creamfields and Glastonbury. Also cool to me is to be a guest DJ on BBC Radio, doing a one hour set filled with pumping beats in Pete Tong's show for example!

    What is/are your favorite national club(s)?
    That definitely is Paard van Troje in The Hague, The Netherlands, because of the sound quality, which is absolutely top of the bill! They have the best sound system of all venues in The Netherlands. I've been there many times and the best party was with Sander Kleinenberg and Sasha. It totally drove me crazy (in the good sense)! First a 4-hour set of Sander Kleinenberg and then Sasha with his freakin' sounds and hard beats. And every time I thought his set was at its peak, he gave more, over and over again!

    What is/are your favorite international club(s)?
    I really like Space in Ibiza because it's an open air club. And, also in Ibiza, the Privilege. Anyone who has ever been there knows why. It is f*cking huge with all the different areas, it has an inside pool in the biggest area and 10,000 party peeps can party like crazy simultaneously!

    What are your favorite parties and festivals?
    Absolutely Awakenings due to the danceable style that runs like a steam train continuously. Techno attracts a fun, broad audience, not just a certain group of people such as with Goa. The people who come there really come to party like crazy and dance the night away, and that's what you want. DJs like Octave One and Robert Hood do their magical tricks there. Moreover, it all looks slick with beautiful decorations, fireworks… really great!

    How do you prefer to spend your leisure time?
    I like to work with computers, another big hobby, for example to make my own tracks. And I work out in the gym seven days a week to stay fit. You really need to be fit when working at night!

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